deAnn tyler, fiber artist, gualala, ca

artist statement

i began working with textiles over 30 years ago in the form of traditional quilt making.  in 1981 a major shift in my personal life left me searching for a way to express this metamorphosis through my quilt making.  i stopped questioning the form my work might take or the manner in which others would be able to relate to it.   using a form of sacred play, i infuse my work with intentional charms and mojos.

i was influenced by my studies with vicki noble, co-creator of the motherpeace tarot deck and renowned author of shakti woman, and cassandra light, director of the way of the doll school in berkeley.  i have collaborated with the late artist monica sjoo, author of the great cosmic mother, and alice walker, author of the color purple.  i have additionally been influenced by sudie rakusin, artist, author and publisher, and mary daly, who penned the wickedary.  their work has inspired both my life and my art.

my recent work reflects my research with eli leon, scholar and author of many books on african american improvisational quilts.  our collaboration includes documenting the words embroidered on the quilts of world renowned african american quilt maker rosie lee tompkins.

the power of words, used in a juicy way, intrigues me.   i am particularly interested in the using words and symbols to link the user and the fiber.